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Stand Pee Reusable Urination Funnel

Stand Pee Reusable Urination Funnel

Perfect for any outdoor adventure or on-the-go convenience, this female urination device ensures comfort and hygiene. The ergonomic design provides a leak-free seal for standing urination.It eliminates the need for squatting or using unsanitary restrooms. Reusable and compact, it's easy to clean with water or mild soap
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Stand Pee Reusable Urination Funnel by Possum

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Hygienic & Travel-Friendly

Enables standing urination, minimizing contact with unclean surfaces, and reducing UTI risks in public toilets during travel, work, or leisure activities. Fits easily into purses or pockets for convenient portability.

Reusable & Hygienic Materials

Crafted from Medical grade high-quality liquid silicone, offering a reusable option that's easy to clean with soap, water, or mild disinfectants for a mess-free experience.

Mess-Free Ergonomic Design

Features an ergonomic funnel shape ensuring no leaks, spillage, or splashback. Fits comfortably and securely against the female anatomy, eliminating the need for wiping or squatting.

Multipurpose & Convenient

Ideal for various settings like public toilets, airports, railway stations, or outdoor activities where restroom access might be limited. Offers an empowering and practical solution for women’s hygiene and comfort.

Urinary Health & Comfort

Eliminates the need for uncomfortable squatting or holding urine, reducing UTI risks. Its comfortable fit and easy cleaning cater to different user needs, making it a reliable choice for challenging or unclean environments.